CoverMas: Automatic umbrella sleeves dispenser. Umbrella Wrapper.

CoverMas automatic umbrella sleeves dispenser. Automatic Wet Umbrella Wrappers.
CoverMas is the only automatic umbrella sleeves dispenser (suitable for all types of umbrellas) that will enable you to keep the floor of your establishment dry and in perfect use conditions.

CoverMas Umbrella Wrapper
The automatic umbrella sleeves dispenser is suitable for establishments with an intense or moderate flow of people... (see more)
CoverMas is the only UNIVERSAL umbrella sleeves dispenser. TheAutomatic Wet Umbrella Wrappers is suitable for all type of environments.
A single machine and a single sleeve size for any kind of umbrellas.
With attractive design... (see more)
Tel.: +34 94 453 57 93
Tel (UK): + 44 0 7501054179
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